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Whether you decide on a camping holiday with the family, an adventure holiday with friends or for a long leisurely weekend in your cottage, the location and the activity determine the most suitable lantern. The purchase of a suitable camping lanterns needs to be well considered. With our camping lanterns test, however, you are well advised.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of concepts and variations on the market, ranging from the tried and true fuel powered lanterns, which have their own charm and exude the romance and adventure of bygone days, to daily use proven gas powered lanterns to modern electrical and LED lanterns of our time.

It’s hard to determine the best camping lanterns, because all the different variants have their pros and cons. The skill is to find the right one for your needs. With advice and assistance from MAR-C (Master Assessment Reviews & Communications) you are on the safe side.

Conventional lanterns are generally distinguished between versions with gas mantle and wick. In the former, a gas is burned via a gas mantle. For this purpose, either gas from a gas cartridge is burned directly or gas is converted from petrol or kerosene and then burned. In the latter a wax or paraffin wick is burned. The candle lantern here is the simplest and oldest form. We concentrated on gas and gasoline lanterns, i.e. all gas mantle variants and have tested them for you.

Modern lanterns operated with battery or batteries are usually distinguished between devices with fluorescent and LED lamps. Find all the respective best models in our tests.



How do we evaluate? Well, in the summary text we describe the basic features and functions of the lantern, as well as our experience in dealing with it. The best are 5 stars, but half stars are also possible. There is no valuation within a specific lantern category, but within the ratio of the lanterns to each other.  This should help to reflect the differences between the various types of lanterns in the standings and it is easier for beginners to form an overall picture of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the individual variants.

The overall rating is the average of the individual scores. In the summary box the following criteria are included:

Workmanship. How accurately and precisely is the lantern processed? Are the materials of high quality? Is it splash resistance?Camping Lanterns Rating

Handling. How to use the lantern? How complex is the startup and how intense the maintenance? Are there strong odours and noises?

Features. Are there additional functions in the form of spot or emergency lights? Is there a flashing, strobe or SOS function?  Can you use the lantern as a heater?

Runtime. How long is the burning time with a full tank, a gas cartridge,  a fully charged battery or new batteries? How much does an hour of runtime cost in average?

Luminosity. How bright is the lantern shining? Which perimeter is it illuminating?

Value for Money.How much performance will you get out of the purchase price?

Enjoy reading and have fun with your new Camping Lantern wishes you

The MAR-C Team